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Full Spectrum Energy Healing

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The body holds so much for us. Integrating the mental, emotional and energetic gives us a new relationship with our physical bodies. This allows us to embody ourselves and our potential in totally new ways, full of deeper alignment and ease.

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Life Purpose

Your life purpose is a way of being and moving in the world. Hearing the calling and following it is one of the bravest things we can do. Balancing and anchoring the mental, emotional, physical and energetic will reveal your life purpose and give you permission to live aligned in entirely new ways.


Through conversation and reflection, we bring your beliefs, thoughts and mental contributions into the healing space for evaluation, consciousness and deepening of self. We cannot grow through something we are not aware of.


Our feelings and emotions can connect us to our deepest truths. Through awareness and conversation, we invite them into the session. By bringing awareness to this aspect of your being, the opportunity for healing deepens.


The full-spectrum healing work directly addresses your non-visible or energetic body. The healing chosen always supports the mental, physical and emotional process you are in, facilitating quicker and longer lasting grounding, anchoring and aligning with the new ways of being you are inviting in.

Sessions can be completed virtually or in person. Onsite appointments are available in Asheville, NC . All session last 75-90 minutes.

  • Single Session...................$150

  • 4-Session Series................$540

  • 8-Session Series................$960


Payment plans are available for series packages. If you are interested in a series, please mention so when booking your first session online. 

All Center for Massage & Natural Health students & graduates receive a 20% discount.

(Cannot be combined with other discounts or offers)

What to Expect in a Session:

 Each session begins with a conversation about what is going on for you right now, especially as related to your goals and growth areas. This part of the session includes intuitive coaching, questions and clarifying conversation. I will then choose a full-spectrum healing that best supports the transformation or struggle we have just discussed. The healings are designed to anchor in and support the energetic unfolding of a the new realities your are creating in your life. Clients report feeling more grounded, relaxed, clear and focused after an energy session. They also report experiencing greater purpose, clarity and confidence in their life after a series.