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Chakra Balance Bodywork

Physical Release

Intentional touch and presence has been used to heal and release throughout time. I have found the body unwinds and releases in a deeper, more varied way following an energy healing, for a more complete mind/body/spirit feeling after the session.


We are more than just matter, yet we are also more than just energy. We invite your energy anatomy and physical anatomy to work together for your highest outcomes. Magic happens in the integration.


The Full Spectrum Chakra Balance is designed to tune up and align your energetic system with your stated intention and highest good. You can think of it as spring cleaning for your Chakras. It is the foundational healing for all other healings.

What to Expect in a Session:

 We will check in on your massage needs for the session and invite in an intention for the energy work and how it combines with your body (eg: clarity, relaxation, grounding). Every session will start face up with a Full Spectrum Healing Chakra Balance and continue with the bodywork you have requested.


This integrated session allows for a deeper physical release and integration with the unseen than just massage on its own. It does not include the in-depth talking or coaching component of my Full Spectrum Healing & Coaching work, but still provides access to the benefits of Full Spectrum Healing in a powerful way. If you are interested in energy work but also don't want to give up your massage, this is a great service to try!

90-Minute Energy Tune Up Massage...........$155

2-Hour Energy Tune Up Massage.................$205

All Center for Massage & Natural Health

students and graduates receive 20% off

(Cannot be combined with other discounts or offers)

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