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Life Coaching & Mentorship


We identify your goals and reasons for seeking coaching and mentoring. These may be  general or tied to a more specific outcome. They will always be related to a conscious or unconscious desire to grow in some way. This may be everything from needing support through a life transition, making decisions about your future, enhancing an existing relationship, deepening your connection to self, overcoming a challenge or simply needing someone on your team for a while. 


Once we've identified your goals or desired outcomes, we work together on the path to their realization. I use a variety of processes and techniques to address both the logical (conscious) an intuitive (subconscious) mind and body. We will focus on both strategy and implementation of practical skills and habits while also working with clearing any limiting beliefs, resistance or internal blocks preventing you from connecting more deeply with your desired outcomes.


As you begin to take action and clarify your purpose, clearing up blocks along the way, you will begin to find yourself in greater alignment with yourself and the world around you. Clients often report a greater sense of self-trust, confidence, connection, presence and clarity as we move throughout the process. You will feel increasingly empowered to live the life you want to live and you connect more deeply with yourself and your purpose.

Life-Coaching and Mentoring is not therapy. However, it can be very complementary to therapy. It can be the right next step after working with a therapist (even if it has been some time). Additionally, some clients experience great success when they continue to work with their therapist while also receiving coaching services. You will be referred out if the support you need requires a mental health professional or other support beyond my scope of practice.


If you are unsure whether this is the right support for you, please book a free 30-minute consultation. My goal is always the best and highest quality of care and support for you. An introductory conversation almost always clarifies if I will be the right fit.

Sessions can be completed virtually or in person. Onsite appointments are available in Asheville, NC . All sessions last 60-75 minutes.

  • Single Session...................$105

  • 4-Session Series................$385

  • 8-Session Series................$685


Payment plans are available for series packages. I only recommend single sessions for individuals I have worked with previously OR who have a preexisting relationship with me through teaching. Please take advantage of my free consultation if you are not sure what is best for you.

All Center for Massage & Natural Health students & graduates receive a 20% discount.

(Cannot be combined with other discounts or offers)