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Massage & Bodywork


I am always listening to your body and it's internal wisdom. The most divine bodywork grows out of a deep listening  between therapist and client. Each session is catered to who you are today and what your body needs today. 

Deep Tissue

Unwinding and releasing the body at deeper levels does not need to be painful or brutal. My focus is on creating change in sync with your body. Sinking into tissue and releasing deep held patterns of tension is most available when combined with relaxation.


 I specialize in neck, shoulders & low back discomfort. I also enjoy addressing repetitive work patterns, injury recovery and general life tension. My goal is for you to leave feeling more integrated and whole than when you arrived.

30-Minute Focal Massage......$50

60-Minute Massage................$90

75-Minute Massage................$110

90-Minute Massage................$130

2-Hour Massage......................$180

All Center for Massage & Natural Health students and graduates receive 20% off

(Cannot be combined with other discounts or offers)

As appropriate or needed, I integrate in cupping, hot towels and/or hot stones into my sessions (with your approval). If you know you'd like one or all of these, please mention before the session!

Massage Student Private Lessons

Use this to hone specific skills, receive general feedback, or as test run prior to a practical interview. I usually receive 50-60 minutes of bodywork from you, followed by personalized feedback and instruction based off your learning goals, objectives and the work received.


Available to current and past massage students. Sessions last 2 hours and are $90. Please dress professionally and bring your own creme/oil.

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