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Dear Human, I Love You

Dear Human,

I hurt for the amount of abuse, trauma, hardship and challenges you have suffered, no one should have to go through some of the things I know you've been through. I break for you, seeing and feeling you trapped in cycles of PTSD, trauma brain, abuse, shame, guilt, anger, fear and low self-worth as a result of so many of your life experiences. I can feel you are scared and angry and overwhelmed and I am here for you. It’s time to break the cycle. We can do it differently. We can change what might feel impossible to change.

Together, let's expose ourselves, let us lean into excavating everything we’ve spent our whole lives covering up. Let's stop adding to the pile. It will be new and uncomfortable and I can guarantee it will involve vulnerability, tears, resistance, fear, facing hard truths, grief and pain...but we’ve been running from that pain so long, the only thing left to do is stop and go through it. Let's crack ourselves open and let it all run through and out us in a way it never has before.

I know you are in a place where you might not be able to see or feel this right now, but you are so loved, so supported and so needed. You can decide to take what has happened to you in your life so far and realize that you are not a victim. You can overcome. You are capable of healing. All that is necessary is for you to make the choice to get well, to lay your battle weapons down and ask for help. I am here, your healing is supported. It’s time to stop running from the shadow and face it straight on. If you can do this, you will eventually come to understand that it is just that, a shadow. 

Dear friend, you matter. You are worthy and deserving. You are a good person. You have value and purpose. I so deeply desire for you to feel and see these truths in yourself the way that I do. I know this is possible for you, if you choose it. We can only take care of others to the degree we are able to take care of ourselves. Start taking care of yourself in a way you never have before and you will come to love every part of who you are.

I will be with you for the journey.

I have always been here.

I will always be here.

I am always loving you.

With Unconditional Love,

The Human Heart

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