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NC LMBT#10157

Aurora Energy Coaching & Massage has evolved from my 15+ years of experience in the personal development, alternative health and spiritual growth fields. I find our human potential and the connection between mind/body/soul forever intriguing.

I love helping others open to a deeper sense of self and grounded purpose in the world. For me, there is nothing more rewarding than seeing someone transform into a more clear and alive version of themselves. I believe every one of us has everything we need inside of us to bring our magic to the world. I see myself as midwife, walking with you through your own discovery process, providing support, direction and guidance for your highest good. My background is rooted in the body with grounding in yoga, athletics and years of practice as a massage therapist.

My years of work in the health and personal growth fields have taught me the power of presence and compassion and I'm always up for a good cry. I love all the different varieties of people that are on our planet and I learn from all of them. Beyond massage, which I teach at the Center for Massage & Natural Health in Asheville, NC, I've studied sociology, the Rhys Method Profiles, Full-Spectrum Healing, Emotional Freedom Technique and gather wisdom from any number of other teacher, guides and methods in the energy, personal growth and intuition world. I look forward to meeting you!

                     ~Martha Hansen

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